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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The amazing INTERVIEW(ee)..

I wanted to share the experience I had while interviewing a candidate for a position in my organization.

He happens to come to us through reference of a very good friend and I decided to give him a chance to show me what he has got. My friend had already vouched for him and wanted me to be more considerate while I was interviewing him since he wanted me to place the guy somewhere within my team. I also made my mind that if the person shows some level of commitment and has some content only, I will groom him to be a part of highly aggressive and productive team we have at our office.

Last evening, I get this call and the person on the other side says,” Mr X must have spoken to you about me”.” I am Mr Y”, he said. “Could you please confirm me the time when I should come to your office to meet you?” was what he asked me straight away. I took it very lightly and briefed him that since next day I have a meeting in the morning, so I will reach office only after 11 and he can come after that to see me.

But, the gentlemen didn’t settle for that much. He shot another question at me and this time it was a little upsetting. He wanted me to speak out the entire address of my office to him over the phone. Well, I know that telling addresses to people is a very common phenomenon, but is it really common to ask that question to your prospective employer whom you might have to impress by your analytical abilities and smartness?

Anyway, I had to speak the entire address to him on the line and not to mention the landmarks and major junctions that he might have to cross to reach the place.

I hung up the phone (only after he was comfortable that he can reach the place without any trouble) and went on with whatever I was doing (actually had completely forgotten by then).

Next day, at about 9 o’clock in the morning I got a call from the same gentleman saying that he was already there at the gate of my office and there was no one in the office For a moment I felt as if I was talking to some inspector from FLYING SQUAD who has come to inspect if my office opens up in time.
I calmly reminded him of our last day’s conversation where I had asked him to come after 11 AM. But this man turned out to be a very enthusiastic fellow and he claimed so for himself. He said, “I thought that I should reach early so that you do not have to wait for me before the meeting.” I was zapped for a moment and didn’t know what to say. However, I appreciated him for what he has done and asked him to wait for his watch to tick 11 since I was unable to make it before that.

He agreed readily and assured me that he shall wait and believe me I was so glad that he didn’t create any fuss out of that (pun intended).
So, there I was, in the first hour of a long day, feeling like a criminal who has made someone wait for 2 long hours. I was feeling do guilty for what I had done.

I somehow did not happen to meet that person due to some reason but I really wanted to meet him and know more about him...

Better luck next time... :)

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