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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'HE was standing right there' - Short Poem

HE was standing right there..

When the Sun went down and the darkness spread,

When the world had turned black and all hopes were dead;

When nothing seem to work out the right way,

And when it felt that the tough times were there to stay!

HE was standing right there..

When chaos was all around and despairs everywhere,

When the protectors and the saviors chose not to care;

When none came forward to lend a helping hand,

When a unanimous plea was to seek someone with a magic wand!

Then, things changed; there was light; there was a ray of hope!

HE was standing right there..

When all came together and marched forward,

When all hearts were filled with strength and none was left a coward;

When hands joined to take charge and bring about the Change,

And when all that was happening looked very strange!

HE was standing right there..

When the dust began to disperse and things started to clear,

When the layers of misery were peeled off by morality dear;

When the world turned into a beautiful place and pain perished,

And when everything came back to its likely form that HE had always cherished!

HE was still standing right there!!

'HE' is the common man of INDIA. HE stood strong through all the rough spells – Ruled by outsiders, hit by terrorism and militancy, duped by the statesmen, shook by the ghost of corruption, beaten by inflation – HE never lost hope.
HE stood there, saw it all unfolding and tested his own limits.
History speaks for him – whenever HIS threshold of perseverance has been breached – HE has rebelled.

In my view, another cycle of STANDING THERE is coming to end for HIM and it’s not much time now when HE will take charge again and set things right!!

God Bless!!


  1. very encouraging ... makes one feel that nothing is lost yet . You and me can make a difference :)

  2. Thanks TTT.. You caught the intent right.. WE can make a difference and bring about the change..

  3. Crossed Excellence in giving words to thoughts of a common man..!!

  4. Simply Awesome......!!!!

    (AAp shayad galti se is line me agaye ho sirji........aap ko to bade bade logo ke
    sath hona chahiye tha :-)) Not serious)