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Monday, May 28, 2012

SATYAMEV JAYATE 4 – Apathetic plight of our HEALTH SERVICES

Aamir Khan delivered yet another thought provoking and ultra-revealing facts filled show of Satyamev Jayate on this Sunday. This time it was all the more shocking and disturbing since it was about the most elementary and essential need of human beings – healthcare.
I have been trying to share my thoughts on this topic but all that I feel now is anger and agony! India as a country is full of people who live their lives based on trust and faith. Be it GOD, religion, politicians, teacher or doctors for that matter. We have immense faith in all these along with many such things. We trust that what they do will be for our good.
Honestly, I am not able to relate to any of that! Not so because I do not feel that it was true, but because I do not understand how someone could do that! We have discussed issues like foeticide, dowry, and child abuse in the past where to me, the culprits were people. You correct the mindset and the evil practice can be curbed.
But in current topic in discussion, the entire system is a party to it. It’s a complete process under which the lives of millions of people ate kept on stake every moment!
Let’s look at what all was covered in the show:
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  1. Being a doctor I will say Amir should not apologize.IMA need to apologize to public.I think private consulants such as physician, surgeons, gynaecologist are really sucking money from helpless patients.There is no limit for their consulting charges.For IVF these criminals are looting childess couples.They are charging in lacs,without guarantee.All these are happening because of our corrupt government policy.There is no good facilities in government hopsitals like other countries.That's why these private practioners are looting people.India's government hospitals are in worst conditions, sometime we feel these are for animals not for human.I do not blame all doctors but some are there.If you are really hungry for money then accept other profession,,should not play with life of patient,Run practise with grace & dignity.

    1. It feels good to learn that doctors like you are committed and devoted to the profession. I completely agree with you and I must say that your anguish is clearly visible from your words!