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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Transformation of Sunday - SATYAMEV JAYATE 2

I am continuing from where I left in the last post.

The show’s content was so gripping that I could not move my eyes away from the TV set even during the 2 minutes long commercial break. Though I was looking at the screen but my mind was processing the information that I had gained from the earlier part of the show. It was disturbing yet engrossing and I had already thought that I am going to write about this after the show.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I call it a show of revelations since everyone who spoke, revealed some or the other shocking and horrendous fact. 

‘Nahin khatam ho toh Yamuna mein phenk dena’ – (If it doesn’t die, throw it in Yamuna) 

This was not said for some polythene bag, some garbage or some used pepsi can! A doctor used these lines while referring to a LIFE, a child, a foetus who was yet to come out of the womb of her mother and see the light!! Are these people really living amongst us? Aren’t they only seen in movies or read about in comics? Are they for real? 

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  1. Its sad to say, but there are doctors like that who exist also! When all their eyes are on the money!