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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Transformation of Sunday - SATYAMEV JAYATE 3 (Final Part)

I now come to the last and final part of my post on Satyamev Jayate! I might look obsessed with the topic, which might be true in some sense, but I somehow hold myself (and people like me) too accountable for this menace which has become so prevalent in our society. I (we) might have come across someone who is involved in this cruel act, but I (we) might have not noticed or might have overlooked entirely! Maybe I (we) need to relook at my claim of being highly informed and an active citizen. Maybe I (we) need to relook at my perspective of looking at social issues in the country.

Not preaching much about what is wrong and what is right, I still would say that this brave attempt by one man (Aamir Khan) will at least (if not much) send a message loud that if so many people are against something, then it is not supposed to be done. If the punishments are rendered to the guilty, it would warn the prospective culprits to not to commit such crimes for of the fear of being punished.

Another thing that Aamir said during the show and I truly believe in is that WE (the people of society) are the magic wands and if we resolve against the evil of Female Foeticide, nothing can stop it from getting eliminated.

To end, as says the Genesis 1:3 from the BIBLE:
And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light!

Let there be 'LIGHT'
Let there be light and let the nation rise and shine!! God bless and good luck.

Satyamev Jayate!!!

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