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Monday, May 7, 2012

Transformation of Sunday - SATYAMEV JAYATE 1

Sunday morning! The laziest day of the week! It started as usual for me; got up at around 9:30, had morning tea, read the newspaper. Then I realized that we had planned for a trip to Lavasa today! Oh yes! What about the trip?? I shot that question to my wife immediately. She looked at me with 'are-you-nuts' look in her eyes. I got the message that the trip was dead already by now :(. Killed by a famous assassin named Lazy Sunday!!

Anyways, I settled down on my couch browsing through the channels on the television. Oh man! Today is the maiden telecast of Aamir Khan's much awaited show - SATYAMEV JAYATE. The moment this thought came to my mind, I immediately switched to Star Plus (channel which is hosting the show). It still had another 5 mins for the show to be on air and so we (me and my wife) started talking about what the show would be about. We both were of the same opinion that since it is Aamir Khan, it must be something different and unique. Going by the promos of the show, it gives an idea that Aamir must have picked up real sensitive issues of our society and would present in it with an inimitable flamboyance and wit. Well, 5 mins went past in this discussion and we had Aamir on the screen. He looked as young and fresh as always (in fact he is getting younger and fresher with time!!). 

Suddenly, our door bell rung and I opened the door for our help who ensure that my car is in a good shape every morning. He was there since it was first week of the month which means pay day!! This small transaction actually took a long time, which I realized after I sat on my couch again to watch the show. I had missed most of the introduction and now Aamir was talking about the issue of the day that was to be discussed. Initially I took it as another Public Awareness Shows which are in abundance today discussing the social issues and doing nothing in the end (in terms of impact on society). However, by the end of Aamir's show - I had wet eyes, which itself speaks as to how I feel about it. Little did I know the previous night that my SUNDAY is going to get transformed completely the next morning!

I want to narrate my understanding of the entire concept, issue and the way it was presented along with the facts that were shared in the show so that it can reach maximum people. Below column contains the transcripts of today's show.

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