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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Put the WHIRLING MIND at rest!!

Lately I have been thinking of the lifestyle I am leading owing to my commitment towards job and my family. I always feel that there is so much to do and so little time for that.
Was just having a morning "over the cup of tea" talk with my wife discussing how one should spend the whole day doing something or the other and should have some hobbies & passions to follow..

But then it just hit me my mind that am I clear about what I feel about these things?? About living a full life?? Do I actually know the meaning of all that I just said??
I guess I had such a life in the past and all my talks were based on the past experience.

However, my present is not the same.. Nowadays my Mind is always occupied with work, some pending electric repair work at home, cleaning my office drawer of the trash, cutting a DVD of movies, downloading a rip software for digital frame I just got although I have enough DVD players and computes at home!! My mind is never at rest and its continuously spinning!!!

Even when I am lying in the bed trying to fall asleep, my mind keeps spinning with all the things I need to do and the thoughts just keep ticking? (I even wake up in the middle of the night to scribble things on my pad.. phew!!)

I realize that we (I believe all of us) wind ourselves up like a motor when we pile on more things than can possibly get done in the time frame have. When we rush to meetings, speed in the car and make it to places "just in time", it's no wonder some of us can have a tough settling in for the night. Or settling in for the day! 

Wondering how can we keep our mind from whirling? I just tried to figure out as to why do we face these situations:

Matter of Life and Death:
Most of what is keeping our minds whirling isn't as serious as we make it out to be. Fetching the can of milk for home, getting something for the kids or trying to make it to the movie show is not life or death. Most of the time if things don't get done when we think they should get done, life stills goes on. Just think, when you are sick and down, does the world stop revolving?? But we forget this because we like to stay busy and experience the adrenaline rush.

I don't have time for myself!!:
Sounds familiar??? Yes, it is so important to have the time when nothing is planned; no meetings, no
reunion with friends, no taking-the-kid-out. Maybe its the time to get some pampering done, like a massage. Or go for a drive all alone with your favourite music playing.. no phone calls, no grocery list in your pocket and no "From -To" schedule in your mind... Its really important to let yourself loose at times..

Review your TO-DO list:
Its very likely that there is a lot going on in our lives at the same time.. and its always logical to have a TO-DO list maintained for all those activities.. But did it ever occur to you that you should probably revise the TO-DO list to drop something from it?? 
Just give it a thought: 
Is it that you actually have to fix that leaking faucet in your kitchen yourself or can you simply hire a plumber?? 
Have you accepted an invite for a half day conference on "How to save the planet?" on the other side of the city, which you don't want to attend?? 
Have you actually denied the "Home pick-up" service for your car and decided to go all by yourself to the service station to get the car serviced?
We need to get rid of the TO-DOs that take up time but do not add to the quality to our life!!

Keep the Evening Subtle:
Usually the times I have trouble sleeping are when I have worked too late on the computer or have been watching an action packed movie right before bed. The computer screen and the quick-paced movie are too stimulating late at night. Though I realised that turning off the computer or TV at least an hour before bed really helps... I actually feel relaxed with some soft music or a book instead.

Work Life - Personal Life Balance:
We often talk about that at those social gatherings and at evening tea-time chats.. A few people boast of striking perfect balance between work and personal life.. I somehow have never been that lucky.. and am friends with people who are more like me (and I guess 90% of the people out there are my friends)..
There are people who feel extremely guilty when they are at work because they aren't spending time with their family. Then, when they go home they feel guilty that they aren't working. They feel miserable most of the time....
Its up to us to enjoy work when we are at work and enjoy with our family when we are at home. Living in the moment helps to be happier. 

As you can see, how just a few simple changes can bring us closer to a calmer and more peaceful mind. Hope we all strike that balance and have a peaceful and joyful life..


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